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Matthew khosravi Ipassa

Matthew Khosravi

Secretary General

As Ipassa Secretary General, my message to all animal lover is that,
World Ipassa Organization is that dream made into reality After 4 years. With a fresh international Organization identity and an intriguing new promise for all animal lover .
We believe the future of World Ipassa Organization  is more than Animal rights; It’s about creating a new digital system for animal rights that continuously improves the lives of all animal lovers and animals.
Lost or stolen animals have always been the first concern of animal owners, and World Ipassa Organization will come to the aid of animal owners with an international central database.
This preserves the foundation of Ipassa and always addresses the concerns of animal lovers and their dreams for a safer world.

Ipassa is the largest international center for animal microchip registration. So  join the us for a better world for animals.

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Faezeh ,H

Public relations and media

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