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Guide to Responsible Pet Adoption

Guide to Responsible Pet Adoption     Please consider the following before welcoming a companion into your family: Will you be a responsible pet guardian? A responsible pet guardian:  Provides companions with permanent […]

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Free microchip at Toronto event

Free microchip at Toronto 2024 event World Ipassa Organization ( WIO ) of events where they will be offered free pet microchipping. One such event was on June 8, 2024, […]

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Requirements for international ID photos

Requirements for international Ipassa ID card Veterinarians ID Card  Animal owners ID Card  Animal rescuers ID Card  Photos for international ID card, must meet certain requirements. There are rules about […]

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Animal Microchip

The importance of microchips for animals Ensuring Pet Safety and Recovery: The Critical Role of Microchipping For pet owners, the safety and well-being of their beloved animals are of utmost […]

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Animal shelter

Animal Shelters and international registration In the global fight to protect and care for animals, the World IPASSA Organization (WIO) stands out as a critical entity. By focusing on the […]

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